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  Poems | 16 июль, 2013

Kissing is a sin,
Sex is a shame.
One night of pleasure,
Nine months of pain.
One night in the hospital,
With a baby to name.
Guys say you're cute,
Guys say you're fine,
But when you say I'm pregnant,
They say it's not mine.
Sex is a sensation,
Caused by temptation.
When a guy sticks his peration,
In a girl's combination,
To increase the population,
Of a youger generation.
Do you understand this conversation?
Would you like a demonstration?

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  Poems | 14 июль, 2013

There I was and there you were,
Your hands were holding onto her.
My whole world came crashing down,
I felt like a queen without her crown.
I looked at you and couldn't believe,
That you were with her on Christmas Eve.
How could he do this? I asked myself,
As I carefully hid behind a shelf.
I watched you kiss her and hold her tight,
I couldn't wait to end this night.
My theories for you are proven right,
Like the deepness of the darkest night.

Grey Day
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  Poems | 13 июль, 2013

They day was grey,
The night was blue.
Around the corner,
A toilet flew.

A bum was hit,
A scream was heard.
A man was killed,
By a flying turd!

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  Poems | 11 июль, 2013

My name is chico,
from peurto rico,
I make $5 a day.
I give it to Lusy,
She give me some pussy,
She take my $5 away!

Nasty Poems
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  Poems | 20 июнь, 2013

Roses are red,

Pickles are green

I love your legs

and whats between

Kissing is a habit

Fucking is a game

Guys get all the pleasure

Girls get all the pain

The guy says i love you

You belive its true

But when your tummy

starts to swell,

He says 'to hell with you'

10 minutes of pleasure

9 monthes in pain

3 days in hospital

A baby without a name

The baby is a bastard

The mother is a whore

This never would have happened

If the rubber wouldnt have torn

Roses are red,

Violets are corny,

When i think of you

Ohh baby i get horny,

Eat me,

Beat me,

Bite me,

Blow me,

Suck me,

Fuck me,

Very slowly,

if you kiss me,

dont be sassy,

Use your tongue and make it nasty!!!!

Mary Had A Little Lamb!
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  Poems | 19 июнь, 2013

Mary had a little lamb,
she tied it to a pilon,
a trousand volts went up its arse and
turned its wool to nylon.

The Net
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  Poems | 19 июнь, 2013

I think I'd like to go use the net.
Will it mess up? You bet!
There are too many things loading now.
How slow can it go? Just how?
All the loading is done.
Time for some fun.
Hey, there's an ICQ mail.
If Netscape messes up NOW, I'll wail.
Now I've got the message, and might want to send one.
I might have some fun!
I click back on Netscape, and somehow the ICQ screen is stuck.
Netscape is a slow as a giant puddle of muck.
I can't do anything now.
I can? How?
Netscape 4 won't run,
but I can still have fun.
Time to use old Netscape 3.
Hee Hee Hee!
What? I need a newer browser?
Do you want me to become Bowser?
I can still do some.
But that some is kinda dumb.
At least I can chat,
and eat until I get fat.
Well, I'm having some fun looking at lol-jokes.com now.
It just disconnected. How?
That was bad.
I had about one 10000th the fun I thought I would have had.
So now I know, that I should get MY browser from Microsoft!
It will keep me aloft!

The Boy's Occupation
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  Poems | 14 июнь, 2013

The boy's occupation
Was to stick his boneration
In the girl's seperation
To increase the population
And I learned this infomation
In Sex education
And if you want a demonstration
Then let's get to the action
For some satisfation